Who I am: Inventor of Professional Futures.

Good morning or good evening, depending on the moment these words reach your eyes. Let me introduce myself: I am Antonio D’Onofrio, and the question “Who am I?” for me it never had a precise answer, a definition. I am the child who dismantled his Commodore VIC 20, the entrepreneur who opened a computer shop in the 90s, the creative mind behind innovative technological start-ups, the consultant who traveled the world enriching his professional and human background.

My story is written with the words of multipotentiality. A long series of chapters united by the passion for knowledge, the desire to translate every new learning into something concrete and the ability to see beyond obstacles, transforming them into opportunities.

Multipotentiality: Not a simple characteristic, but the driving force of a journey through countless professional worlds.

Antonio D'Onofrio

Where It All Begins

Born in the ancient village of Scurcola Marsicana, I breathed the air of dreamers and artisans, the teachings of past generations and the lifeblood of innovation. It is in this natural amphitheater, between the ancient walls of history and the narrow streets of culture, that I found my first muse: the challenge of creativity.


With fewer than 3,000 souls, this hidden gem offered more than just life lessons; it laid the foundations of a modus operandi that would accompany me forever: thinking beyond the obvious, acting beyond the limits declared possible.

In every stone, in every alley, a teaching to always carry with me in my future adventures.

Antonio D'Onofrio

The Beginning of Everything

From the first sound of that Commodore VIC-20 until today, the curiosity to find out how things work has never left me. This wasn’t just a gaming machine. He was my teacher, my laboratory, my canvas. And, with the few bytes of memory available, I was the little magician capable of recreating in digital format the heart of my mother’s cooking: her recipes.

It was a golden age of computing, where every small step seemed like a giant discovery.

Antonio D'Onofrio

Between Passion and Innovation

My professional life is a journey full of stories, people, and projects. Each experience added pieces to the complex mosaic that is today my expertise in business development.

AERMultimedia S.R.L.
Immersed in the dawn of a rapidly evolving digital era, in 1997 I created AERMultimedia S.r.l. A technological outpost specialized in the sale and assistance of personal computers, in an era still dominated by intense challenges of hardware compatibility and artisanal configurations. In this enclave of progress, I wove the web of connectivity, designing and implementing networking solutions for government entities and educational institutions, honing the synergy between man and machine that would become the signature of my professional path.
In 2006 a new chapter in my career opened with the foundation of NiCKEL ITALIA S.r.l., a pioneer company in the import and distribution of personal computers, peripherals and accessories. The cutting-edge vision and holistic approach to IT has quickly placed us in a prominent position in the market. Focusing my energies on quality and innovation, I have led the company to become a center specializing in electronic repairs and remote assistance. With NiCKEL ITALIA S.r.l., I combined my technical background with a passion for sophisticated automation systems, consolidating a reputation for excellence in the management and implementation of corporate networks.
Kylin S.R.L.
In 2008, the entrepreneurial adventure is enriched with a new chapter: Kylin S.r.l.. This time, the focus is on software development: management systems and the exploration of the potential of the web OS. Kylin S.r.l. represents a key step, where my experience in technical consultancy merges with the passion for the architecture of innovative systems, thus outlining the horizon of cutting-edge digitalisation.
2021 marked the adventurous start of D.P. MARTEONA LTD., a professional expression of my passion for food and wine. The project aims to revolutionize the food and beverage sector through an innovative approach to catering. Without previously operating in the industry, I brought new perspectives that helped create a distinctive, quality offering. Marteona opens in the midst of the challenges posed by the pandemic, adopting a flexible and resilient business model, ready to satisfy the demand for elevated and personalized food and wine experiences.
Euro Trading Wings S.R.L.
It reaches its peak in 2005, when, across borders and cultures, a collaboration with Golden Tech CO., LTD. of Seoul marks the opening of new horizons. It is the birth of "dg one" by Charme, a revolutionary hair straightener, a hotbed of creativity and engineering. With cutting-edge technology suitable for use on wet hair and tourmaline ceramic elements, I orchestrated the creation of a brand that spoke the language of elegance and efficiency, from concept to packaging, from promotion to the commercial penetrative plan.
NiCKEL Technology CO.,LTD.
2007 saw me founding NiCKEL Technology CO.,LTD., based in Hong Kong, a company with distinction in the arena of IT accessories design and manufacturing. My vision was echoed in technologically prolific cities such as ShenZhen and GuangZhou, where I led manufacturing companies in ascending the innovation ladder. Leading a multicultural team with skills in design and promotion has allowed me to weave a canvas where technology meets practical aesthetics.
In 2014 I undertook a new entrepreneurial challenge: the birth of ITRADE Uni. Specializing in consultancy and intermediation, our mission has become to facilitate the commercial bridge between Italy and the dynamic markets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. At ITRADE Uni, deep local knowledge and a network of strategic contacts are reflected in the opening of foreign offices, the search for reliable suppliers and the offering of tailor-made production services, including OEM and ODM. Our commitment is to guarantee each partner company solid import/export opportunities, thus setting the course towards global success.
With the consolidation of my stay on the island, ESMIRA LTD. was born in 2022, a company that presents itself as a point of reference in business development and the creation of tailor-made business solutions. Cyprus4People becomes the first major project under the umbrella of ESMIRA LTD., originally started as a Facebook group in 2020, now transformed into a concrete initiative aimed at enhancing and connecting the Cyprus community. The mission is to provide a platform that facilitates integration and promotes the economic and social development of the island through innovative services and inclusive business strategies.

A World of Connections

Crossing the borders of continents and cultures, I have become the custodian of stories, insights and connections, which today live in my work, fueling an entrepreneurial vision as rich as the world itself that I continue to explore.

My adventurous spirit has guided my steps across continents and cultures, transforming each stopover into a precious piece of the mosaic that makes up my professional and personal life. Every land visited has left an imprint: from vibrant China to traditional Taiwan, from dynamic Hong Kong to lively South Korea, from the sunny Dominican Republic to the tranquil vastness of Canada, without forgetting the historic Czech Republic and the numerous forays into the Italian cultural mosaic.


Traveling has become for me synonymous with connection, an inexhaustible source of growth and evolution. Embracing different habits and customs was more than an enrichment: it was a continuous lesson that allowed me to deeply understand the global nature of our market, to anticipate trends and to guide companies through the delicate process of internationalization.


On my blog page, I will dedicate myself to telling the stories behind the trips, those details that have shaped my approach to consultancy and business development. Soon you will be able to read the stories of how the interaction with different realities has influenced my modus operandi, highlighting the irreplaceable value that cultural diversity brings to the negotiating table.


I am convinced that traveling opens the mind and creativity, stimulates new points of view and offers the keys to interpret dynamics sometimes hidden behind the veil of everyday life. Diversity, adaptability and the adoption of a holistic vision in business are today the distinctive features that guide me in my role as an inventor of professional futures.

In my travels I have built bridges, not only between companies and markets but between people, life philosophies and aspirations. And in this “About” section of the site, you will be able to perceive the profile of a professional who has not only explored the world, but has done so with the aim of weaving together the skills acquired in a global, sustainable and successful vision in the business of Tomorrow.

Cyprus: The Island of Destiny

Sometimes, life surprises us with coincidences so extraordinary that they lead us to wonder if they are actually threads woven together by destiny.

The Venus Anadyomene, icon of beauty and love, has observed me all my life from her square in Scurcola Marsicana. It was she, perhaps, who whispered destiny in the wind, who designed the unknown route that would lead me to the shores of a geographically distant, but somehow familiar island: Cyprus.

End of October 2018: without premeditation, without a clear intention, I land on Aphrodite’s island, driven by a force that still eludes me. I just had to be there. The warmth of the Mediterranean sun, the embrace of the crystal clear waters and the open smile of its people did the rest. Cyprus was not just another trip, it was the dawn of a new era in my life, an irrefutable calling to anchor myself and contribute to this community with everything I have learned in years of wandering.

Under the eternal gaze of Venus, the destiny woven by the wind led me where the sun and the sea embrace each other: in Cyprus, no longer a traveler but the founder of new dawns.

Antonio D'Onofrio

The island of Cyprus has become a muse, a living inspiration, a crossroads of cultures and innovation.
Through my Cyprus4People project and the founding of ESMIRA LTD., I have poured my experience and energy into the exciting process of building bridges not only between economies, but between people, stories, and visions of the future.

Of Cyprus I can say that it is a land that did not choose me by chance and that I do not intend to love out of simple habit. In my professional history, as in legends, each god has his place of worship: and I may have found mine right here, where the sea meets the horizon and beauty merges with opportunity.

True voyages of discovery consist not in finding new lands, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

Start your Chapter here

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